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Dear Pilots and all Flying Enthusiasts, 


Welcome to the new face of FLYINGTV.PL, an internet platform devoted entirely to aviation, its history and its people, interesting aviation constructions, air aerobatics, air shows, exhibitions as well as information regarding various aviation events.  Simply everything about flying.


The main objective and mission of this undertaking is creation of an internet platform picturing the true genuine beauty of flying as captured in a single camera shot. We will present archive recordings from the distant history of Polish aviation, current aviation events as well as some fascinating facts about flying. 


We invite you to watch documentaries from the era of "PRL" (communist regime 1945 - 1989).  From the perspective of today let's treat them purely as memory of the past era. However, the more comprehensive   our perception of those days, the more clearly we will notice the sad, gloomy and pessimistic picture of the broadly understood society of the post-war times.   Majority of the documents illustrates absurdities of the PRL times, common propaganda, irrationality of the system as well as an integrated element of  PRL aero club  - company of military structures.   Many of the documents presented possess valuable training content, aimed at pilots, members of Aeroclub of Poland.  Let's try to bear this in mind.


You can take part in creating this web page yourself by adding your comments, rating as well as adding films.   This way we will all be able to watch air footage from countries and parts of the world we would have no chance of getting to otherwise.  Many of our films are already available in HD 720p quality.


Everything you find here is directed to all of us - to give us sheer delight from flying, knowledge-base as well as possibility of acquiring valuable experiences - all for free! 


There are just about few things in life which are as adventuress as flying.    


                                                                                                       With kind regards


                                                                                                        FTV administrators



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